The Baltistan Wildlife Conservation & Development Organization (BWCDO), formerly recognized
as Project Snow Leopard (PSL), is a non-profit organization registered under 1984
Companies Ordinance, working in Baltistan since 1999. The main objective of BWCDO is to
ensure that snow leopards and humans co-exist in harmony. We provide compensation to
farmers who lose their livestock to snow leopard predation; build predator-proof corrals to
reduce snow leopard attacks and carry out awareness-raising activities in local schools.

Meet the Team

Ghulam Muhammad
Chief Executive Officer

Ahmed Almakky

Awais Khalid
Research Volunteer

Dania Nasir
Research Volunteer

Danish Ali
Research Volunteer

Fatima Khan
Research Volunteer

Hira Munir
Conservation Photographer

Kulsoom Din Malik
Research Volunteer

Maryam Mansoor
Research Volunteer

Raza Mohammad
Program Officer

Haider Ilahi
Monitoring and Evaluation Officer

Naseem Hussain

Board of Directors

Imran Nadeem

Ghulam Murtaza

Dr. Shafqat Hussain

Nazir Ahmed

Naila Rizvi

M. Afzal

Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain

Iqbal Khan